Its Friday :)

I hope you all have an Amazing weekend, just think in less than 35 Days we will all be starting a Weekend full of scrapbooking fun! Don't forget our special was to end Sept 30th but.... We have decided to extend it until we sell out, and that's only 16 more spots and we will have sold 50 spots for our fall event that means lots of fun and fellowship!:) So if you are waiting it out don't wait to much longer because it could be to late, So until we are sold out we are holding our special rate of $155.00 and you can sign up right here on the blog to the left :)

Event Schedule :)

You have asked and We have Finally Got it done! If you are officially registered you received this in an email all attendees receive a schedule by email once they are registered :)Seeing this schedule makes it all seem so much more real! I cant wait to meet all of you new ladies and see our Friends that are returning for their Third Event :)

Friday November 4th 2011
Registration 5:30pm to 6:45
Check in Get Welcome Packets and Your Complete Event Kit Please keep bags closed until instructed to open to avoid losing enclosed items Get table assignments & move in your cropping stuff for the weekend
Desert Welcome Reception and Introductions 7pm to 730
First Class 7:30pm to 11:30pm Featuring Amy Wiff from Columbus, Oh
In this class you will complete 3 Double Page Layouts to start your Album
Open Cropping 11:30pm – 8am
That’s right we promised you lots of uninterrupted cropping time and here you go, feel free to see who can last longest and make it all day Saturday without a nap  Please remember you may leave your stuff in the cropping room but you are doing so at your own risk but things should be just fine. We just ask that the last people in the room have the front desk lock the doors when they are ready to catch some much earned z’s! 
Saturday November 5th 2011
Class Two 8:30am -10:30am Featuring Heather Preckel from Kansas City, Mo
In this class you will complete 3 Single Page Layouts
Break 10:30am – 10:45am Get up and stretch those legs and freshen up
Class Three 10:45am -12:45pm Featuring Mandi Martin from Shelby, Oh
In this class you will complete 3 more Single Page Layouts
Lunch Break 12:45pm – 1:45pm
This is your time to go grab some grub and refresh for the next round of classes.
Class Four 2:00pm – 4:00pm Featuring Heidi Lacy From North Fairfield, Oh
In this class you will complete 3 more Single Page Layouts
Break 4:00pm - 4:15pm Get up and stretch those legs and freshen up
Class Five 4:15pm – 6:15pm Featuring Heather teaching layout designed by Virginia Tillery from Birmingham, Al
In this class you will complete 3 more single page layouts
Open Cropping 6:15PM – 8AM
That’s right you have finished a full day of classes, now you can catch some dinner and if you choose spend the evening cropping away 

Sunday November 6th 2011
Opening Cropping 8:00am – 1:00pm
You can sleep in grab some breakfast and maybe even a lunch make it big enough to last as classes will start at 1:00pm and last until 5:00pm
Grand Finale Class 1:00pm – 5:00pm
In this class you will create the final layouts which will make your 24 page Album complete 
Final Cropping Hours 5:00pm – 10:00pm
That’s right you have completed a 24 page album and hopefully many more pages and projects feel free to stay and finish anything you have not completed or start some more , by all means you have until 10pm before we have to bid you farewell, until the next Event that is 

44 more Days and ONLY 16 more spots left!

That's right we have been busy sense our last post with lots of signs up, so many that we had to figure out if we had enough product to cover everyone, No worries we do but we have had to put a limit on how many tickets we could sell so that way everyone gets the same stuff. So that leaves us with only 16 more event spots to sell,so if you were waiting or know someone who was on the fence tell them to sign up soon because if we continue at the rate we have been going we could be sold out by next Friday :) I am visiting here in Kansas City with Heather and that new Lil nephew and my favorite pre teen niece and we have been in major Event plan mode and I am happy to say we are almost done :) this means if you have already signed up you will be receiving the event schedule and supply list by this Friday and starting next week sneak peaks of what layouts you will be creating, Just a sneak though because we want you to be surprised when you arrive :) Remember we are doing a referral program for anyone who refers a sign up you will receive a Scrapbook Goodie Bag stuffed with lots of paper :)Have a Blessed Day

Happy Friday 50 Days and Counting :)

I hope everyone is having an Amazing Friday, Whatever your Weekend plans may be I really wish you all the best!
Ok in Only 50 Days we will be all meeting and having and Amazing Scrapbooking weekend and getting lots Accomplished, Like an Entire 12x12 album with 24 Layouts inside now that a good start but then in all your uninterrupted scrapping time;you can work on all those things on your list to get finished and remember Holiday time is right around the corner so it's a great time to work on your handmade cards and gifts as well :)
I am heading to Heather tomorrow to Meet that Amazing new lil'nephew of mine, see my favorite Niece Oh and to spend a whole entire week doing event prep so next after I return look forward to more news on the event like, schedule release,sneak peaks yep i said it sneak peaks we cant show you it all but we will give you some ideas of what we will be doing :)
Don't forget we are still offering a sign up special of $155.00 and that's good until Sept 30th unless we decide to extend it but I will tell you we are getting closer to filling up so don't be left out of this great Event! We promise you will have an Amazing time! Also for anyone that signs up and gets a buddy or even buddies to join them you will all receive an extra special bag full of Scrapbook Goodies at check in :) Make sure your friends email me with your name so you get your Goodies and They do to :) Have a Great Weekend! Heidi